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Poverty Point Reservoir

Aquifer water wells used as source of water for the Lake.

Poverty Point Reservoir is promoted as a model lake producing 100 million gallons of water a month, and costing 26 Million Dollars.
D.O.T.D records show taxpayers have paid $40 Million Dollars with $3.5 Million approved for 2005.
Did Denmon Engineering miscalculate the watershed?

Poverty Point Reservoir doesn't have any naturall streams flowing into the lake, and uses six pumps to supply water to the lake.

Two large 36'' inch diameter pumps supply water from Bayou Macon. Bayou Macon is a ditch bayou flowing from Lake Chicot in Arkansas.

Poverty Point also uses four large bore 16" Mississippi Aluvial Aquifer water wells as a source of water.

Michael Thompson says the water wells are no longer used, but the Poverty Point 2002 Audit shows .9 million spent for Pumping station, Wells, and Water intake.

DOTD well files show Poverty Point still uses 4 large-bore16-inch Groundwater Wells of 17 Mississippi Alluvial aquifer Wells for water supply to the lake. Does 2 pumps import water 60 miles from Lake Chicot, Lake Village Arkansas or does the aquifer supply all the water?

Poverty Point Reservoir is used as a model for Washington Parish Reservoir, and Sen. Ben Nevers says it is being built as a source of water.

Will the Washington Parish Reservoir also use aquifer water wells as a source of water for this lake?

If Alluvial aquifer wells are used to supply water to the lake then it would be possible to locate the lake at any location, and pumps used to fill the lake.

Sen. Nevers says, He is willing to compromise on the path on the path of the Reservoir.

Even if water wells are not used, Pumps would make it possible to locate the lake at any location, and not take Cemeteries and homes.

The D.O.T.D. tax money should be spent on roads and bridges instead of foolish pork barrel Reservoirs.