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Washington Parish Reservoir Commission Audit ending 2004


Complete Audit ending in 2004   Click here


Capital Assets

At the end of the period June 30, 2004, the Reservoir Commission had $81,973

Construction in progress.


During the current period, the Reservoir Commission received a

capital project appropriation from the State of Louisiana for $1,000,000. These funds will

be expended over a period of two years. Of the total budget $795,435 will be used for,

engineering, planning, and environmental technical assistance regarding the securing of

the U. S. Army Corps of Engineering 404 Permit. The remaining balance of $204,565 is

for land acquisition, and construction.


The receivable consists of $154,786 which is due from the State of Louisiana.



Capital asset activity consists of $230,220 of construction in progress for the year

ended June 30, 2004. The construction in progress consists of consultant fees

and engineering fees, etc.


6. Current Liabilities

The Commission has current liabilities in capital project of $154,786 which consists of

earned consultant fees of $21,603 and earned engineering fees of $133,183.


EXPENDITURES:                                  Budget               Actual                      Variance

Insurance                                                  5,000                -                                  5,000

Travel and promotions                              6,000                     503                         5,497

Capital Outlay                                           5,000                       -                            5,000

Professional fees                                      3,500                       -                            3,500

Supplies                                                    3,500                  1,213                         2,287

Consultant fees     MIKE THOMPSON 74,500                64,413                       10,087

Other                                                        1,500                                                    1,500

Total expenditures                                  99,000                 66,129                       32,871


1. Select all expenditures made during the year for material and supplies exceeding

$15,000, or public works exceeding $100,000, and determine whether such purchases

were made in accordance with LAS-RS 38:2211-2251 (the public bid law).

The Commission did not have any purchases that exceed $15,000 or public works

exceeding $100,000. The Commission complied with public bid law 

(page 24 labeled page 18)


************************ WHAT ABOUT DENMON *********************

Was the public bid law used in the selection of Denmon engineering?

Always the selected contractor due to HCR60 by Francis Thompson in 2003.


7. GRANT (on Page 20 labeled page 15)

The Washington Parish Reservoir Commission has received a grant of $1,000,000 from

the State of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, for the

purpose of studying, land acquisition, planning, and construction of the reservoir.

The Commission received'contributions from local entities of $100,000.

Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($400,000) of the $1,000,000 grant was an appropriation

directly from the state general fund, and the remaining $600,000 was issued by the

state bond commission as a cash line of credit.


The local contributions consist of the following:


Washington Parish Government                       $ 50,000

City Of Bogalusa                                                    10,000

Rural Development Foundation                            10,000

Franklinton Economic Development                    10,000

Washington Industrial Development                     10,000

Town Of Franklinton                                                10.000

Total Contributions $                                            100.000