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Letter to all Legislators

Prayer Sent to all Legislators in Louisiana 5/15/05

Dear Legislator,

Louisiana Legislators are proposing the desecration of 5 Cemeteries,
taking of Churches and Homes to build a Reservoir in Washington Parish
for Economic Development to build homes around the Lake.

How would you feel if your family’s graves were being disturbed?
Citizens guilty of the desecration of a cemetery would be subject to a
$500 fine and six months in jail.

The Reservoir promoted by private developers serving on the Reservoir
Commission has the support of elected officials they are in business with.
Rep. Ritchie’s, Sen. Ben Nevers, and his co-partner corporations with
Reservoir Commission members will gain financially.

Should taxpayers spend 40 to 50 million to make these officials wealthy?
Rep. Ritchie, and Sen. Nevers say they want the Reservoir for Economic
Development produced by building homes on the lake, but was unable to
answer when asked to name jobs created other than temporary construction,
or a few minimum wage jobs.

Commissions with the power to take property, do any and all things,
consisting of friends, family members, and politically connected as a means
of Political Payback seems to be politics as usual in Louisiana.

I pray other Legislators will amend Sen. Nevers Senate-Bill 278, and
Rep. Ritchie’s House-Bill 518 to also limit the Unchristian Desecration of
Cemeteries, and the taking of Churches and Homes.

Please help save Churches and Homes, desecration of Cemeteries,
and make it possible for departed loved ones to REST IN PEACE.


James Moore