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Reservoir Legislation Changes

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Washington Parish Reservoir author Sen. Ben Nevers has proposed changes to his
Legislation because of Rep. Francis C. Thompson Eminent Domain Legislation, but
future taking of property to build Lakefront homes, and State owned Hotels is still allowed.

The Commission may create an economic development corporation pursuant to
R.S. 33:9020 et a political subdivision using state money, and still take property
underPart I of Title 19 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes anytime after construction begins.

The changes proposed by Senate Bill NO. 174 by Sen. Nevers will limit property taken
to the high water pool level during initial construction.
A single reservoir limit is proposed because of rumors that 3 Reservoirs were being created.
Rep. Ritchie has also filed House Bill NO. 518 that is identical to Sen. Nevers Legislation.

Rep. Francis C. Thompsonís, also in real estate, created House Bill 1136 in 2001 making
it possible to sell land taken by Eminent Domain at Reservoirs to a third party.
Rep. Francis Thompson next-door neighboris selling Lakefront lots obtained at half price.

Under other Thompson Legislation, developers may set up Political subdivisions to
take property, use Taxpayers money, and make a profit.

Thompsonís HB1612, Act 996 Legislation allows Economic Development Corporations to
use Eminent Domain to take property.

Other Legislation changes is SENATE BILL NO. 47 by Senator Barham concerning
Morehouse Reservoir that was created by SEN. BILL NO 829 ACT 233 in 2003
by Rep. Francis C. Thompson, Sen. Robert J. Barham, and Rep. Charles Mcdonald.

The Morehouse legislation changes will not be able to stand up against Thompsonís
legislation, because of the use of the word NOTWITHSTANDING.
Thompson legislation will take precedence over Barhamís changes.

Sen. Nevers will Desecrate 5 cemeteries, and take the homes of many poor, and
elderly Oak Groove Residents. Sen. Nevers is also in business with Commission member
Charles E. Mizell. Due to Nepotism, Cronyism, and Commission members appointed as a
means of political payback many Politicians seem to be interested in their own Economic
Development. Will Sen. Nevers, and his lake Commission also be selling Lakefront lots?