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Final order on Sparta in works
December 10, 2004 •• 637 words •• ID: mon2004121406461368
By Jordan Blum The Louisiana Office of Conservation is expected to release a final or revised order on the three critically designated regions of the Sparta Aquifer about 60 days after the public comment period ends, state officials said. The period ended Wednesday. The July draft order named critical water regions in parts of Ouachita, Lincoln, Jackson and Bienville parishes. It states owners of non-domestic water wells would have to submit monthly water


Lincoln reservoir met with resistance
November 8, 2004 •• 580 words •• ID: mon2004111108294569
By Jordan Blum RUSTON- Local legislators are targeting Lincoln Parish as an ideal location for a new reservoir, but some environmental organizations and citizen groups in other parishes are coming out in opposition to the six current reservoirs projects ongoing in the state. The Louisiana chapter of the Sierra Club is urging Gov. Kathleen Blanco not to fund any new manmade lakes and dams in the state until a comprehensive study is done for the state's


Bond commission funds capital outlay
September 26, 2004 •• 391 words •• ID: mon2004092810392019
projects in region Staff reports The State Bond Commission has approved funding for $178 million in construction projects and $22 million to be spent immediately to get projects under way statewide. The commission also authorized state government to borrow $500 million in October to replenish the capital outlay revolving fund, the pool of money used to pay for construction projects statewide. Area capital outlay projects approved for funding by the State Bond Commission on Thursday


State links mounds into tourist trail
September 13, 2004 •• 2027 words •• ID: mon2004091508151200
By Ken Stickney Marc DuPuy Jr. was but a boy in Depression-era Avoyelles Parish when he found his first Native American arrowhead. Now he owns his own ancient Indian mounds. As a youngster, state Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, used to hunt for arrowheads and Native American artifacts around an ancient Indian mound that's known today as the Francis Thompson site. He bought the acreage in part to safeguard the mound. Last week, Louisiana archaeologists


Ruston panel endorses lake proposal
September 3, 2004 •• 449 words •• ID: mon2004090610220653
The CVB board approved separating from the Ruston chamber By Jordan Blum RUSTON- The Ruston-Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau Board became one of the first public bodies Thursday to voice support for a man-made lake in Lincoln Parish. The issue has gained steam since Reps. Hollis Downs, R-Ruston, and Rick Gallot, D-Grambling, and Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe, hosted a presentation in August supporting a plan to build a reservoir for recreation and


Our View
August 27, 2004 •• 792 words •• ID: mon2004082715130272
Lincoln lake has potential Lincoln Parish could see 3,000 acres of water in its future.. Some area legislators recently pitched the idea of a manmade reservoir to community leaders in Ruston. They said a lake could be a big boost for the parish. The idea has potential worth exploring. The region has several examples of lakes that have a significant impact on their communities. Lake D'Arbonne in Union Parish, Caney Lake in Jackson Parish and Poverty Point Lake Reservoir in Richland


Prospect of lake has Choudrant mayor's approval
August 26, 2004 •• 747 words •• ID: mon2004082613400193
By Jordan Blum CHOUDRANT - Local legislators presenting options for a manmade lake in Lincoln Parish is music to the ears of Choudrant Mayor Bill Sanderson, who has envisioned a recreational reservoir since 2000. State Reps. Hollis Downs, R-Ruston; Rick Gallot, D-Grambling; and Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe, discussed with governmental consultant Michael Thompson of Delhi the possibility and process of developing a large lake. However, doubts remain whether


Lincoln eyes new reservoir
August 19, 2004 •• 782 words •• ID: mon2004081913271208
By Jordan Blum RUSTON - A large manmade lake in Lincoln Parish could turn the area into a robust retirement community with improved recreation and property values. Most importantly, it could create an alternate water source as the Sparta Aquifer continues to deplete each year. Local legislators offered this vision Wednesday while inviting governmental consultant Michael Thompson of Delhi to present the methods for securing funds, undergoing the permitting


Morehouse awaits report on new lake
August 5, 2004 •• 434 words •• ID: mon2004080513490313
By Robbie Evans Preliminary engineering reports on a proposed new Morehouse Parish lake should be completed by the end of the month. Morehouse Lake Commission Chairman Richard Patrick said Tuesday that environmental impact studies on the proposed Plum Lake Reservoir would likely be completed and presented to the commission within the next month. The proposed lake project would provide a water source and be an economic development catalyst for the parish, Patrick


Water problems biggest obstacle, Norris says
July 22, 2004 •• 365 words •• ID: mon2004072308005242
By Johnny Gunter Wastewater and drinking water are major problems facing western Ouachita Parish, West Monroe Mayor Dave Norris told The News-Star editorial board Wednesday. "What people don't that we really don't have a plan," Norris said. He called the water issues "our biggest areas of vulnerability." A plan under consideration is too early in the development stages to discuss, Norris said. Taking water from the


Rising Poverty Point
July 19, 2004 •• 621 words •• ID: mon2004072013065040
Area sees dramatic increase in property prices By Robbie Evans DELHI - Poverty Point Reservoir resident Terry Huff learned first-hand about the increasing demand for property around the new lake. Huff, an avid fisherman, wanted to build a new home on the lake's banks. But the farmland surrounding the lake that once sold for less than $1,000 an acre has skyrocketed in price, thanks to its new use. "The land values are way up and still going


Caldwell lake work may begin next year
July 18, 2004 •• 447 words •• ID: mon2004071914544967
Plan would put 4,000 acres to use By Robbie Evans Construction on northeastern Louisiana's newest lake could begin as early as next year. Although the Bayou DeChene Reservoir project had moved slowly since 1975, progress on the lake has gained momentum. Once land acquisition is completed, construction on the project could likely begin in 2005, said environmental consultant Mike Thompson of Delhi. "We're still finishing up survey work for the


Governor praises reservoir as means
July 16, 2004 •• 419 words •• ID: mon2004071609084790
of rural development By Robbie Evans DELHI - Gov. Kathleen Blanco decided to stop by the Poverty Point Reservoir on Thursday to see the results of her efforts in Richland Parish as lieutenant governor. Blanco, along with Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and other state officials, attended a clients' retreat at the new lake held by environmental consultant Mike Thompson. Blanco used the lake as an example of how to accomplish rural economic


July 14, 2004 •• 205 words •• ID: mon2004071413424665
Event at Poverty Point is private A Tuesday news brief should have said that Gov. Kathleen Blanco is scheduled to attend a private event at Poverty Point Reservoir in Richland. The event is not open to the public. · Age incorrect in arrest report A Monday listing of arrests incorrectly reported the age of Colton Bryant of Connie Walters Road in Calhoun. The listing should have said he is 17 years old. · The News-Star tries to correct promptly any errors of fact or


Ouachita Briefs
July 13, 2004 •• 753 words •• ID: mon2004071413394663
Blanco to speak at Delhi reservoir Gov. Kathleen Blanco will address legislators, elected officials and statewide reservoir commission members at noon Thursday at Poverty Point State Park on Louisiana 17 in Delhi. For information, call Denise Bottcher or Roderick Hawkins at (225) 342-9037. CORRECTIONS Event at Poverty Point is private A Tuesday news brief should have said that Gov. Kathleen Blanco is scheduled to attend a private event at Poverty Point Reservoir in Richland. The


Ouachita Briefs
July 13, 2004 •• 667 words •• ID: mon2004071312294572
Blanco to speak at Delhi reservoir Gov. Kathleen Blanco will address legislators, elected officials and statewide reservoir commission members at noon Thursday at Poverty Point State Park on Louisiana 17 in Delhi. For information, call Denise Bottcher or Roderick Hawkins at (225) 342-9037. Boyte's trial set for Nov. 29 Former Ouachita Parish Public Works Director Frederick "Bo" Boyte's trial date was rescheduled Monday on the malfeasance in office charge brought


Poverty Point hearings set
April 4, 2004 •• 678 words •• ID: mon2004040811540127
State seeks anglers' comments By BUSTER WOLFE The slot limit at Poverty Point Reservoir couldn't be high enough for Bo Skipper of Delhi. Skipper, who is a regular visitor to the 1-year-old Madison Parish state park, said he would like to see the slot limit on bass similar to the trophy lake regulations at Caney Lake. "I really hope we get something changed with the bass slot," said Skipper, who guides on the 2,700-acre impoundment.


November 1, 2003 •• 1171 words •• ID: mon2003110311040673
Questions surround Cheniere Lake We will admit Mack Calhoun has made some improvements around the lake lodge and parking pad at the dam, but consider this: · There is no lake commission because others' opinions are not valued unless it's the same as theirs. Full control has never been in the best interest of the people. · Property owners and property tax payers can't access the water from their own property. · Property values are lower - no water, no


Reservoir left out of capital outlay funds
September 23, 2003 •• 477 words •• ID: mon2003092508002072
By ROBBIE EVANS Planning for a new drinking water reservoir in western Ouachita Parish has been put on hold because of a dramatic drop in capital outlay funding from the state Bond Commission. Northeastern Louisiana legislators said the region lost out to southern Louisiana and politics during the last round of capital outlay funding approved by the state's Bond Commission. While New Orleans and Baton Rouge got more than $100 million in funding for


Poverty Point lake marina to open
June 30, 2003 •• 397 words •• ID: mon2003070212586099
By CHRISTY FUTCH Getting out to the water at the new Poverty Point Reservoir State Park will take half the time with Wednesday's opening of a 48-slip marina, state Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, said Sunday. The state park has been open a little more than two months, Thompson said, and is more than meeting the expectations the Legislature dreamed of for the economically depressed area. Since it opened, it's been taking in thousands of dollars


Morehouse officials want lake
May 19, 2003 •• 591 words •• ID: mon2003052014583422
By JOHN COLVIN Morehouse Parish officials are hoping to build a reservoir within the next decade that will not only be a source of water but also a source of economic development. Legislation was introduced last week to allow the creation of the reservoir after meeting with Bastrop Mayor Clarence Hawkins. "Water is the substance of life. With a steady water supply, any community can thrive without it, every community would die," said U.S. Rep.


State's new fishing hole opens
April 22, 2003 •• 728 words •• ID: mon2003042315501742
·Poverty Point Reservoir State Park opens to anglers six years after the reservoir started taking in water. By BUSTER WOLFE DELHI - Dwight Landreneau, director of the Office of State Parks, started the ceremony for the opening of Poverty Point Reservoir State Park at 9:57 a.m. Monday, three minutes early. "I think we've waited long enough," Landreneau said. For the northeastern Louisiana residents in the Poverty Point area, the opening


April 18, 2003 •• 689 words •• ID: mon2003042109291457
Poverty Point lake ready for debut Today's topic: Poverty Point Reservoir State Park scheduled to open Monday. Our suggestion: Lake enhances region's resources, can provide economic boost. The nearly 30-year-old dream of state Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, becomes a reality next week. At 10 a.m. Monday, Poverty Point Reservoir State Park opens its waters and facilities to the public. "I'm ready to go,'' Thompson said. "It's been a long


Inside Outdoors with Dan Chason
April 17, 2003 •• 551 words •• ID: mon2003041813571371
New lake tactics The arrival of the newest lake in North Louisiana is finally here. Poverty Point Reservoir, just out of Delhi on Hwy. 17, will open up for public use on Monday, the day after Easter. This lake has been a long-awaited and welcomed promise to boost the economy of Richland and Madison parishes. Thanks to some assistance from the state, there are some absolutely gorgeous cabins for rent, a new marina (not opening for another 30 days or so) and some stories from Francis


New waters will open for fishing
April 11, 2003 •• 458 words •• ID: mon2003041113471002
By BUSTER WOLFE State Rep. Francis Thompson tuned his boat this week and put his fishing tackle together. Poverty Point Reservoir State Park - the project that he has nurtured since he introduced legislation in 1976 - will open for fishing on April 21. "I'm ready to go," said Thompson, D-Delhi. "It's been a long time coming, but I think I'm going to make it." The long-awaited opening follows three years of stocking Florida


OPPJ looking for future water source
March 5, 2003 •• 637 words •• ID: mon2003030613260759
By JOHNNY GUNTER People speaking at Tuesday night's public hearing on a proposed western Ouachita Parish reservoir agreed a future water supply is needed, but they disagreed on where it should come from. Suggestions ranged from digging out Cheniere Lake to building a treatment plant on the Ouachita River or even piping in water from Lake D'Arbonne or Caney Lake. The hearing, held at West Ouachita High School and called by the Police Jury, was


OPPJ to address reservoir issue
March 4, 2003 •• 476 words •• ID: mon2003030512590663
By JOHNNY GUNTER Denmon Engineering's Randy Denmon and Ouachita Parish Police Jury officials will answer questions today about a proposed 1,456-acre reservoir south of Caples Road. District B Juror Mack Calhoun, who has pushed for a reservoir because of the declining Sparta Aquifer, says he would like to see the state manage the lake. "The Police Jury certainly doesn't have the funds to operate it," Calhoun said. Calhoun said he would


November 26, 2002 •• 873 words •• ID: mon2002112613404986
Poverty Point Reservoir close to making waves Lake and state park in Delhi offer economic opportunities with anticipated spring opening. Poverty Point Reservoir in Delhi has entered the final stages on the path to become a viable recreational resource for northeastern Louisiana. The 3,000-acre lake was recently officially signed over to the state, joining the state park system. Officials anticipate the lake and park will open in the spring. Hopefully this will continue to open the door


Sparta Aquifer issue a historic decision for Louisiana
November 23, 2002 •• 836 words •• ID: mon2002112510214789
RUSTON - It's pretty obvious a number of the naysayers at Tuesday's public hearing on whether part of the Sparta Aquifer should be declared a critical groundwater area hadn't read the Sparta Groundwater Commission's request. If they had, they would have realized they were arguing against things that aren't in the application. Nowhere in the six-page application is the word "tax" mentioned. Nor does the document ask curtailment of water use by anybody. In


Corps not surprised by weir failure
October 16, 2002 •• 592 words •• ID: mon2002101614122190
By CHUCK CANNON The Corps of Engineers will send a team to Irwin Lake just north of Start today to determine how to remedy damage from heavy rains from two recent tropical storms. Construction and repair work on an 800-foot weir near the border of Morehouse and Richland parishes has halted when a weir on the northern side failed. The 800-foot weir crosses the Lafourche Canal to form Irwin Lake just north of Start. The failure caused a three-to-four foot drop


September 1, 2002 •• 678 words •• ID: mon2002090311418183
Searching for new water source shows initiative Study taking place to determine most viable reservoir site in western Ouachita Parish. Efforts to ensure an ample future water supply in Ouachita Parish appear headed in the right direction. It's a sign of thinking ahead that is needed in a critical area. One of the challenges often predicted as a major issue for futures generations is an ample supply of quality water. We are happy to see efforts such as establishing a regional


Possible reservoir site list narrowed
August 26, 2002 •• 825 words •• ID: mon2002082914477764
By JOHNNY GUNTER People have thought for years that a lower Cheniere Lake might be a great site for a drinking water supply for western Ouachita Parish. "A lot of people thought that would be the ideal spot, but it would only be about 4?-foot deep," said Denmon Engineering's Randy Denmon. "It wouldn't be a good source for water, because the Ouachita River backs up into it, and there wouldn't be any development area around


Going up
August 3, 2002 •• 118 words •• ID: mon2002080508366148
photo caption MARGARET CROFT/The News-Star Framework continues on the marina at Poverty Point Reservoir in Delhi. The marina is part of the 3,000-acre man-made


Poverty Point gets first subdivision
July 3, 2002 •• 449 words •• ID: mon2002070315444039
By GREG HILBURN Shelton Parker and Frank Maxwell III said they couldn't think of a better investment for themselves and their hometown than developing the first residential subdivision on the new Poverty Point Reservoir in Delhi. "The combination of recreation and real estate is about as good an investment as I can think of," said Parker, who owns a construction company in Delhi. "I'll take that over the stock market any


June 29, 2002 •• 181 words •• ID: mon2002070108353806
Bank earns excellent rating Horizons Bank of Monroe has earned a 4-star Excellent Rating from BauerFinancial, the sixth consecutive time Horizons has received such a rating. Horizons has five offices in Ouachita Parish. Settlers Point to break ground A groundbreaking for Settlers Point, a residential subdivision on Poverty Point Reservoir, has been scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday. For more information or directions, call Frank Maxwell, (800) 451-6943 or see


Landowners protest lake
May 21, 2002 •• 696 words •• ID: mon2002052313371031
Six residents balk at considering building Choudrant Lake as an alternative water source for the area. By JOHNNY GUNTER Six northwestern Ouachita Parish property owners showed up Monday night's Police Jury meeting to oppose any attempt to even study the possibility of a Choudrant Lake. "They're talking about destroying 12,500 acres of good soil and trees that a lot of people make their living from," said Amy Triplet. Police jurors were


April 16, 2002 •• 650 words •• ID: mon2002041710302141
Poverty Point Lake should do wonders for local economy New lake should be open in a few months. As soon as that happens, expect businesses to flock to the area. This lake will do much to quench the economic thirst of a very poor region. Poverty Point. Not a very pleasant name, is it? But it's accurate. Like most of the Mississippi Delta area, the Richland, West Carroll, East Carroll and Madison parishes' four corners area is awash in poverty. Young people leave to find


Poverty will vanish beneath the waves
April 14, 2002 •• 578 words •• ID: mon2002041608242008
"Francis is the most responsible. If people don't praise him ? It's amazing what he's been able to do." - Incoming Delhi Mayor Lynn Lewis, on Rep. Thompson's involvement in creating Poverty Point Lake The News-Star interviewed state Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, about the soon-to-be opened Poverty Point Lake. Thompson is noted by many to be the brains behind the project. This is an edited version of the interview. The News-Star: Why build this lake in


Floating right along
April 14, 2002 •• 1200 words •• ID: mon2002041608212007
Hope blooms anew on shores of lake The future's unlimited. - Mike Thompson, Poverty Point Lake Commission By DAVID BARHAM Delhi looks like many Mississippi Delta towns. Several downtown shops are closed. A Jitney Jungle grocery store is abandoned. When the train runs through the middle of town, traffic stops, what traffic there is. But Delhi has something many other gray, Mississippi Delta towns do not: Hope. That optimism comes in the


Officials consider joint study of Sparta
March 30, 2002 •• 872 words •• ID: mon2002040209330952
By NANCY BERGERON RUSTON - Public bodies in Lincoln and Union parishes will vote over the next two weeks on whether to join together in seeking funding for alternative groundwater sources for their residents. The cities of Ruston and Farmerville, along with the Union and Lincoln Parish police juries are scheduled to consider a resolution pledging their cooperation in seeking money for a study on "any and all" alternative water sources in the two


Projects push back lake
February 24, 2002 •• 897 words •• ID: mon2002022512340872
The projected opening of Poverty Point Lake to fishing will not happen until midsummer. By BUSTER WOLFE DELHI - Northeastern Louisiana fishermen will have to wait until after the spawning season before they will get a chance to wet a hook in the Poverty Point Reservoir. Construction projects at the facility have taken longer than expected, so anglers can expect to get into the 3,000-acre reservoir about July. "We think everything (in the contracts)


Proponent says tax could help Cheniere
June 7, 2001 •• 882 words •• ID: mon2001060713273171
By JOHNNY GUNTER The chairman of the West Ouachita Recreation District 1 Board of Commissioners said there will be enough money in the board's tax propositions to help support funding for a lower Cheniere Lake reservoir. Randall McDonald made the comment Wednesday to The News-Star's editorial board. He said everyone is concerned with the depletion of the Sparta Aquifer and agreed a reservoir is needed. McDonald said such funding would be


Specialist: State capable of recharging shrinking water supply
May 23, 2001 •• 330 words •• ID: mon2001052409282145
By CHUCK CANNON Louisiana has the ability to increase and improve its fresh water supply, an LSU AgCenter specialist told a legislative committee on Tuesday. "Louisiana has an opportunity to control flood water, recharge aquifers, provide more water for agriculture and industry and ensure public water supplies by diverting river water into existing channels and new impoundments," Bill Branch, an LSU AgCenter water resource specialist told the Louisiana


Thompson deserves credit for water flow at new lake
April 23, 2001 •• 739 words •• ID: mon2001042411190090
State Rep. Francis Thompson cringes when I refer to Delhi's new Poverty Point Reservoir by its proper name - Lake St. Francis. But how else should I refer to a lake that wouldn't have been built without the legislator's procurement of about $19 million in state funds during the years. I haven't been able to resist teasing Thompson, his brother Mike, who directed the project, and engineer Terry Denmon during the past year as residents began building expensive piers,


Fill 'er up: Water flows at lake site
April 17, 2001 •• 575 words •• ID: mon9977583347330
"I want to see this area become a bedroom-type community for places like Monroe and Jackson. In 10 to 20 years, we will have people living here and commuting to work." Mike Martin, Poverty Point Commission president By EMERI O'BRIEN DELHI - Former Delhi Mayor Mike Thompson saw an economic vision more than 20 years in the making become a reality Monday as water gushed over the knobby land north of Delhi on Louisiana 17. The water flowed from


Alluvial Aquifer drops toward ruination
April 12, 2001 •• 898 words •• ID: mon9977582945857
By NANCY BERGERON RUSTON - Every day Lori Dabbs races against an invisible clock. Beneath the thousands of acres of rice and soybeans growing in Arkansas' Grand Prairie region, time is running out. Without a solution to the area's groundwater problems, the shallow Alluvial Aquifer that provides most of the region's agricultural water will be commercially useless by 2015. "The aquifer is in danger of collapse and ruination," said


Proponents: Lake would alleviate ailing aquifer
March 14, 2001 •• 1022 words •• ID: mon9977580486501
By NANCY BERGERON RUSTON - Former Ouachita Parish Police Juror Royce Calhoun thinks he's hit on an idea that would help the beleaguered Sparta Aquifer: create a nearly 6,900-acre lake out of Choudrant Bayou in Lincoln, Union and Ouachita parishes. That way, the more than 60,000 people who now get their drinking water from the half dozen or so water systems near the proposed lake could switch from aquifer water to surface water, Calhoun says. Lake


D'Arbonne commission considers utilities franchise fees
January 16, 2001 •• 624 words •• ID: mon9977574893484
By NANCY BERGERON FARMERVILLE - The Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Watershed Commission has agreed to look into negotiating franchise fees with utilities inside its jurisdiction as a way of raising money for work on Lake D'Arbonne. Commissioners voted Monday night to create a committee to study the idea and bring recommendations to the commission's March 19 meeting. "I hear constantly that we just don't have the money to do what we need to do


Morehouse Parish floats lake idea
January 4, 2001 •• 561 words •• ID: mon9977574005942
By JIMMY HATTEN Morehouse Parish is looking to improve its quality of life by building a lake. The Morehouse Parish Police Jury, Bastrop/Morehouse Chamber of Commerce and city of Bastrop has agreed to make obtaining state funds for a feasibility study one of its priority projects for 2001. The planners listed the project as a lake/reservoir with initial application for $30,000 from the state's capital outlay. The entire project would be


Jury OKs steps in funding reservoir
October 17, 2000 •• 598 words •• ID: mon10112148952782
By JOHNNY GUNTER The Ouachita Parish Police Jury took steps Monday night to secure funding to study the possibility of constructing a potable water supply reservoir in the western part of the parish. Jurors agreed to allow Denmon Engineering of Monroe to file an application with the state for capital outlay funding. District B Juror Mack Calhoun said the Tensas Basin Levee Board has been asked to contribute $80,000 toward the study. Assistant Parish


State approves $22.2M for region
September 29, 2000 •• 999 words •• ID: mon10112143358031
By ROBBIE EVANS Northeastern Louisiana garnered $22.2 million in capital outlay funding Thursday from the Louisiana Bond Commission. Funding for 22 capital outlay projects includes six projects in Ouachita Parish. Major projects outside Ouachita that were funded include a state park at Lake D'Arbonne in Union Parish and Poverty Point Reservoir in Richland Parish. The projects are in the state's Priority 2 and Priority 5 funding categories of its capital


Choudrant considers plan to use bayou as aquifer backup
September 20, 2000 •• 853 words •• ID: mon10112140431932
By NANCY BERGERON CHOUDRANT - The village of Choudrant should consider building a 300-acre lake for recreational purposes and as an alternate water supply to the Sparta Aquifer. So says the beginning of the community's comprehensive master plan. The draft of the plan was unveiled Tuesday night before a small group of residents. The plan, fashioned by consultant Don Hoyt, also calls on the town to build on existing assets to foster economic development and


`Now there will be water for everyone'
July 23, 2000 •• 1305 words •• ID: mon10112126716607
Economic impact of reservoir should be considerable Its main benefit will be the water it provides for the towns in this area. - Mike Thompson, reservoir director By JIMMY HATTEN State Editor Mike Thompson stood in the broiling July sunshine gazing at the four metal gates that soon would control the water levels of the Poverty Point Reservoir. The gated spillway on the 3,000-acre lake alone carried a price tag of $5 million, but Thompson, reservoir director, and brother


Robust river thrives under watchful eyes
March 26, 2000 •• 1256 words •• ID: mon10112110447006
The Ouachita is unlikely to ever dry out because of its navigation pools. By SHANNON AMIDON Staff Writer Perspective is everything when weighing the health of the 605-mile winding Ouachita River. If you are an angler, then you will require many nutrients in the river and a prevalence of algae growth in order for fish to flourish. Conversely, if you like clear water for swimming purposes (what experts call primary contact recreation), the desire is for less fertilizer runoff and an


Poverty Point lake gets boost arm
November 29, 1999 •• 694 words •• ID: mon10112095236106
By A. DENISE COOLMAN Staff Writer DELHI - The Poverty Point Reservoir continues to grow as officials receive more state money to continue construction. State Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, said the Louisiana Bond Commission has approved a $3 million line of credit for the reservoir. The money will be used for land acquisition, buying new equipment, planning and paying for utilities and construction. Because of potential economic impact on the state, Thompson said the project


Education not surprisingly at top of Thompson's list
October 5, 1999 •• 388 words •• ID: mon10112085145756
By MARK S. RAINWATER Staff Writer With 20 years as a legislator, Francis Thompson said he's "not just a career politician." Thompson is also an associate professor of education at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Any guesses what Thompson told The News-Star editorial board is the most important issue in the Oct. 23 elections? Those who said education, go to the front of the class. The Delhi Democrat said he anticipates flack from parents of good students


Richland matriarch to be buried today
August 26, 1999 •• 333 words •• ID: mon10112076593856
By JIMMY HATTEN State Editor Funeral services for Frances Nolan Thompson, matriarch of a Richland Parish family heavily turned toward public service, will be held in Delhi today. Thompson, 81, was the mother of state Rep. Francis Thompson, Clyde Thompson and Mike Thompson, all of Delhi. Clyde is director of the Madison Parish Port and Mike is executive director of the Poverty Point Reservoir Commission. Another son, Robert, a retired educator, taught school in Monroe, while yet


Property owners split on Sparta aquifer
June 28, 1999 •• 1227 words •• ID: mon10112065325431
Proposed answers to the problem of saving the area's water supply has both advantages and disadvantages. By A. DENISE COOLMAN Staff Writer A drawing of a proposed dam that would hold water on about 6,000 acres around Bayou Choudrant has property owners split on the idea of building a lake to help save this area's water supply found in the Sparta aquifer. The Sparta aquifer serves as an underground water source for 16 parishes in northern Louisiana and 26 counties in