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State still has poor image
August 28, 2004
Most people have heard the sordid tale of the New Jersey governor by now. He has declared himself a homosexual with his wife standing there beside him, grinning pathetically. People may have also heard that he is really not resigning because of sexual immorality but because he was about to be caught in too many underhanded political schemes. When this sad story was reported in the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 16, it should have made all Louisianians sit up and take notice. The title of the article was "Louisiana North.'

Let's examine a few of the reasons for this comparison. State Sen. Charles Jones, a man who has had several brushes with the ethics board, is appointed to lead the Senate committee on ethics. State Rep. Charlie DeWitt, one of the leaders of the state House, paid an ethics fine last year, and still our governor made him a leader. Everybody cries about how broke the state is, but State Rep. Willie Hunter keeps trying to get a raise for the ruling elite of the state. Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo is told that he needs to try to save a business in Monroe, and he states, - not to worry - I can have another business in that building in six months.' I do not even know where to start about the Police Jury events in Ouachita Parish.

We are held up as an example of what not to be; we are the epitome of corruption and politics as usual. We will continue to look stupid if we repeatedly do this to ourselves. If we insist on voting for the same political machine time after time, we will continue to see our children leave, the state will continue in a downward spiral and the laughter will only get louder.

Steve Hollis

©The News-Star
August 28, 2004

Wisdom of a Solomon?
A judge has reopened qualifying for the 5th District Congressional race after U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander switched parties and requalified in the 11th hour. Did the judge make the right decision?
No, he should have removed Alexander from the ballot.
No, he should have let the original round of qualifying stand.
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