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Banking Institution for Poverty Point Reservoir in 2002

Bank Directors

Community Preservation Alliance Home

AmSouth Bank     Poverty Point Reservoir General Fund, and Special Projects
Guaranty Bank     Poverty Point General Fund

Guaranty Bank and Trust Company of Delhi, Delhi, Louisiana

Frank E. Maxwell, III Selling Lots as SettlersPt (318) 878-5801, 136 Jamie Ln, Delhi, LA 71232

William R. Coenen, Jr. Also in Real Estate as COENEN PROPERTIES, L.L.C.

Albert C. Christman, James A. Hopson, Prentiss A. Wilks, Jr., Robert B. Mathieu, Thomas W. Bishop

Ouachita Independent Bank

Frank E. Maxwell, JrSelling Lots as SettlersPt   (318) 878-3654, 455 Robinhood Ln, Delhi, LA 71232

Robert J. Clark, A. Whitfield "Whitty" Hood, Clyde R. White, Donald R. Updegraff, Dr. J. Wayne Smith, Dr. Russell T. Lolley, E. Lyle Miller, Jr., James A. Yeldell, Jerry G. Lazenby, K. Tod Cagle, Nancy Sawyer, R. Douglas Wood, Jr., Robert H. Haneline

Commercial Capital Bank

Shelton T. Parker, Jr. Selling Lots SettlersPt (318) 878-9489, 1319 Broadway St, Delhi, LA 71232
Parkers Ditching Contractors

Lawrence W. Pickett, Jr.Larry W. Pickett Selling Lots as SettlersPt

Robert A. Dawson, Jerry G. Ezell, MD, Charles A. Black, Joe D. Jones, Larry G. Tubbs, Philip F. Stafford, Wilfred B. McEacharn, William G. Loftin

The Richland State Bank

A. Carlton Clark, III     Also Auditor of Poverty Point

Charles M. Noble, Jr., Emmett L. Brown, Jr., Fred Scott Franklin, Herbert Joel Banks, Jr., N. Jerome Vascocu, Robert W. Calvert, Jr., Thomas A. Sanders, Jr., William H. Hubbard

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