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Lakes donít work for both Water, and Economic Development

La-Texas SRA boards discuss views on Toledo Bend levels 12-03-04


Consider jobs vs. Sparta trade-off 12-07-04 This man has great Common Sense


Final order on Sparta in works


Falling water levels at Toledo Bend


Sabine River Authorities of La


River permits may take a year


Group sounds alarm on Ouachita dumping


Louisiana forecasts budget deficits for next three years


La. auditor: Schools strain to pay bills Bogalusa school, day Al in Baton Rouge.


OPPJ may get $1.2M bill


Daily News introduces new publisher


Grants awarded to local governmentsOctober 16, 2004

$20,000 to the Poverty Point Regional Economic Development Corp. for the development of a golf course.


High court will decide when cities may seize private land 9/29/04


Unfundable projects won't die an easy deat-- May 2004

Town Talk Aug 18, 2004

Water supply important in development efforts


Demonstrating a need is key to reservoir plan†† July 28, 2004 Town Talk


Senate panel fattens already fat capital outlay bill--June 2002 Port De Luce


Lake draw down of Caney lake Jackson Parish


Police Jury adds to OEDC


State still has poor image 8/28/04 News Star Blanco


Governor takes issue with comparison to New Jersey


Washington Parish Tourism is Thomas kin to Sen Thomas

Cheri, says Did I tell you that Lou Ann Thomas is Jerry Thomas wife.


Washington Million for reservoir 10-24-2003


Denmon Engineering News Washington parish


Washington Senators Press Release 10-18-2002


Boise sells July 26 2004


Blanco promises inclusiveness, travel, economic development

Thompson Contribute to Campaign


Governor wants to counter negative reference to state 9-22-04


Auditor Reports findings 9/08/04 American Press

Adagria Haddock is in charge of the Tourist Bureau at

Oberlin. Adagria is also Mike Thompsonís girlfriend and is from Delhi, La. She is also the Secretary of the Lake Commission.

The Public notices for Lake Commission Meetings were not published.


SouthBestLawith Adagria Haddock


La links mounds into tourist trail 9/13/04 The News Star Francis Thompson


Larger Budget Deficit Looms for La


State earned its reputation9/26/04


Red River's potential waits to be tappedOct 9, 2004


Farm legislation drafted by Thompson selected as 'model'Oct 9, 2004


Dem candidates call Edwards Ďa huge helpí Scott ArceneauxOct 19, 2004


Agency hit for investing out of state / auditor & economic development


State wants to talk povertyOctober 22, 2004


Solutions to PovertyNovember 5, 2004


Woman linked to Odom indicted again11-06-04


Water supply Quachita Parish 9-4-2002


Re: Drinking H2OQuachita Parish


Project paves way for lake use Lake Cheiner


Lake spillway to be widened11-15-04


Futrell says new senator to provide access




The Piney Woods Journal


The Piney Woods Journal


Surface water aids aquifers


Water resources aid in community's growth


Port de Luce study pact signed


River water drawdown alternative?


Groundwater study digs deep into Sparta future


Water big issue on horizon


Water Summit begins regulatory discussion


Weather: Drought


Water: Everyone has to drink-Don't dirty the cup!



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