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Army Corp of Engineers Permits


La Legislature


Sierra Club Website


Louisiana Wildlife Federation


L.E.A.N.  Website  Louisiana Environmental Action Network is a good source of information on river protection.


Moon Griffon Talk Radio  (C.B. Forgotston's Website) Citizens Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse


Institute for Justice


Tulane Law


Government Contact & Info


High court will decide when cities may seize private land


Groups in other States Opposing Lakes


National Dam Safety Program


Dam-Reservoir Info & Impact Archive


Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Dams


Dams & Reservoirs Internet Resources


Dam Safety


Army Corp of Engineers Check on Permits & Notices


Army Corp of Engineers Permits New Orleans Dist


Congress Org


US Fish & Wildlife Service


Property Rights

by -- Mrs. Melissa Seaman skypod Citizens Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse
http://www.CivilHomelandDefense.US American Land Rights Assoc. American Land Foundation Defenders of Property Rights


42 USC 1982 Rights Law


Laws to cover moving when property is taken

Starting at RS 38:3091  Legislative findings; purpose  to

RS 38:3110  Last resort housing


Dept Trans Supreme Court RS 38:3101 Relocation


Relocation Assistance when property is taken


Supreme court case involving Relocation Assistance


Go to website 
from pages 1369-1382 it has tons of info eminent domain and just
& more. Its the constitution and worth reading about.

Defines a lot of issues like just compensation and public use


Download US Laws






Title 38 La Laws


Sparta Groundwater Conservation District R.S. 38:3087.134


Richard I. Durrett - 

Board member Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board


Water Resource Laws


Dotd: Ground Water


Ground Water Meeting


Senate Bill 965 2001 Ground Water  Creation




Find Law

Terraserver Topo Graphical Map


Space views at L.S.U


Local Road Map


Police Jury of Louisiana


Media Address for Email


Send Email to all Representavies


Goto and click on member contact


Project Vote Smart


Ethics Division


Francis Thompson Biography


Ben Nevers Biography




Thompson Canidate Report 98


Secretary of State to search for Corporations


This is the Ethics Laws & Nepotism Laws for Local

WildLife & Fisheries Home Page for Permits


WildLife & Fisheries Permits



Mike Thompson Commerce & Industry, Board of

Rep Francis Thompson & Mr.Denmon Aquaculture Advisory Council, Louisiana

Terry D. Denmon,

Wildlife & Fisheries Commission  Mr. Denmon Member

Mr. Terry Denmon owner of Denmon Engineering is a member of Richland
Parish Police Jury, Poverty Point District

Brant L. Thompson,  Poverty Point Reservoir District, Board of Commissioners

Donald E. Thompson Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation District, Board of Commissioners


Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board


Richard I. Durrett -

   Sparta Groundwater Conservation District R.S. 38:3087.134

Bob J. Green -
Kerry M. Hawkins, PE -
Kenneth L. McManis -
William H. Miller -
Bijan Sharafkhani - bijan.sharafkhani@LA.GOV
C.L. Jack Stelly -
Morgan M. Watson -
Joseph C. Wink, Jr., PE -




File a Complaint on Conflict of Interest against Denmon


Document to file the complaint


Engineer Board law


Engineering Rules


National Society of Professional Engineers

National Code of Ethics


NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers


Delhi Local info


THOMPSON FAMILY Geneology - I10154


Randy Denmon, PE, PLS, Denmon Engineering
Poverty Point Reservoir LaDOTD SP No. 505-42-0030.

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State Parks  Apply for money use Thompson Law


Thompson go to guy for jobs----a history of about Francis Thompson


Delhi, Richland Parish info


Richland Parish High Point Trip Report Date: May 22, 2001  Lake not filled with water


Poverty Point created in 2001  filled with water


Burns, Cooley, and Dennis Point.htm


Audit Poverty-Point 2004


Poverty Point Reservoir


Lots for sale Poverty Point

Allen Parish Reservoir


Quachita Parish Police Jury


House Bill 1587 Act 724 of 2003 Quachita Parish Reservoir


West Ouachita Parish Reservoir Commission


Ouachita Parish Police Jury (03400287) (51 pgs.)


Bogalusa Louisiana
... Contact: Joe Fannin, Editor. E-Mail:

URL: Phone: 985-732-2565 ...


Bogalusa Daily News
Write: Letter to the Editor, 525 Avenue V, Bogalusa LA, 70427-4493
Fax: 985.732.0380


USDA Forestry Service


LA National Hertiage Report Form


Pitcher Plant Bogs & Pine Savanna




Endangered Species

Lost Bird Denmon Wildlife & Fisheries

Covers endangered species, Woodpecker, etc. - top



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