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Flier apparently hit nerve at Capitol

After reading Marsha Shuler's piece in The Advocate about " 'Intimidation' flier angers state's lawmakers," it was truly cause for pause.

Living in Washington Parish where state Sen. Ben Nevers, D-Bogalusa, is from and watching the nastiness of politics unfold and how it affects the residents both here and across the state, it seems readily apparent that many of our legislators are not polling their constituents desire -- nor do they want or feel they need to.

On the flip side, let a flier escape suggesting that the election for 2007 will turn tides, and seeing one of our local politicians publicly literally rant and rave and call the people behind the flier "scumbags" demonstrates that a nerve may have been struck.

Why is it OK for our politicians to abuse eminent domain laws to expropriate property from the retired, the hard-working, the quiet and unwilling for recreational use. But it's not OK for the people to speak out against decisions being made behind closed doors that affect them directly.

In Shuler's story, Sen. Nevers suggested establishing a reward fund to flush out who is behind the mail-out. He said if it's a lobbying group it should be banned from the Capitol.

That's both nasty and reactive. How might Nevers feel if his constituents started a fund to replace him as their senator in the next election?

Had these politicians used logic rather than react out of anger, they would have kept the distribution of the flier under wraps and not given it the attention they did.

In my opinion, those enraged politicians simply fueled the fire for many residents of this state by doing what they did. They showed us another side of who they are capable of being. Their public behavior is no longer representative of limp and insincere handshakes or kissing the babies for the media anymore.

It's sad to think that these men and women would even consider involving the Attorney General's Office, the State Police or any other investigative authority to lend credibility to their so called premature intimidation over the proposed sick tax.

Having said that, can you imagine for a moment the power that the people of this state could have if they pulled out all the stops with investigative authorities when it comes to the alleged wrongdoings of our so called political leaders?

If the governor renegotiated the monies for the Saints, the Hornets, and eliminated the millions of dollars earmarked to build 13 reservoirs in this state, we wouldn't be in the shape we're in.

Something to think about.

Lee Kelley


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