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Don't waste our tax money on reservoirs

In a legislative session plagued with budget problems, and talk of raising taxes, money continues to flow like water for new reservoirs.

The 2005 capital outlay legislation shows $55,190,000 for new reservoirs, and $22,245,000 for improvements with a $77,435,000 total for lakes in 2005.

There were eight new reservoirs under construction of 12 approved for $41,975,000 in 2004. Department of Transportation and Development records show Poverty Point Reservoir has received $39,325,000 with an additional $3,500,000 approved in 2005.

The reservoirs built for economic development produced by building homes on the lakes will create temporary construction and a few minimum wage jobs.

Should the old and poor suffer to build WEALTHY retirement communities at lakes?

Should taxpayers spend $40 million to $50 million a lake to make developers wealthy?

Reservoirs will take churches, homes of the old and poor, desecrate cemeteries, and destroy wildlife and endangered species, and be collectors of mercury-polluted water.

Unchristian taking of homes and churches, and desecration of cemeteries is a travesty.

The reservoir money is badly needed in education, health care, road construction, law enforcement and programs for the poor and elderly.

The reservoirs are not built for water, but for golf courses and lakefront lots.

Residents on these lakes shall never tolerate use of water due to dropping water levels. Look at the current SRA dispute between Texas and Louisiana over this issue.

The primary purpose for the development of any reservoir that is supported by expenditure of state funds shall be to meet current and reasonably foreseeable future public, agriculture and industrial water supply needs that are not now being met, or are not likely to be met, by currently available ground water and surface water supplies, as certified by the Louisiana Groundwater Conservation Commission classified as critical.

Only those reservoir proposals that meet this requirement shall be considered for state funding, and such funding shall be prioritized based on the measure of unmet water supply needs of the region of the state served by the proposed reservoir.

The reservoirs are unneeded, and this money is badly needed elsewhere. Please, stop the waste of taxpayers money for unneeded foolish economic development pork barrel reservoirs.

James Moore

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