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The Washington Parish Hardcopy Message Board
Available for Comments on the Reservoirs

Oak Grove Community The Real Reservoir News

Allen Parish reservoir backers ready for permitting process to begin 10/08/2006

Joke of Louisiana Political Profiteering 3/30/2006


Creates the Poverty Point Reservoir Development Fund in state treasury

NEW 1/15/06 View a 13 Minute VIDEO The Waste of Money

Washington Parish Reservoir District AUDIT 2005

22 bills filed to challenge right to take private land

Challenge on RESERVOIR PROJECT "Louisiana the State We’re in"

Allen Parish Reservoir opponents voice disappointment with state

Aquifer water wells used as source of water for Poverty Point Reservoir


Reversal of $45 million in construction spending fails

Regional fight surfaces over bailout Thompson wants the money for lakes

Reservoir Funding 1.7 million for Washington Parish Reservoir 11/2/05

Read script or Listen to Jalon speak at Bond Commission 10/20/05

Bond panel frees funds for projects

Update Theft total $170,000 and rising, Is Mike Thompson also involved?




Poverty Point Reservoir District Audit 07/01/2004 - 06/30/2005

Officials Fight Over Pork Projects

Metzgar: LA Continues to Damage Own Reputation

The Louisiana Budget Beat Goes On

Taking care of politics first

$45 Million on Construction Projects

Metzgar Blasts Bond Commission Antics


Some Lawmakers Question New Project Spending

Reservoir Projects on Bond hearing 10/20/05 Project list

Lawmakers Seek to Foil Property Seizures

Tancredo: Don't let Louisiana, New Orleans officials touch federal aid

Thompson uses tragedy to Collect money for his Election campaign
Officials, celebrate to help $15,000? or, No money donated to help?

Louisiana's poverty politics

Grant Parish development group names top priorities  Reservoirs 8-31-05

Cravins: You can end political corruption

Sparta Aquifer earns 'area of concern' mark

Washington Parish Minutes July 25

Council gets questions about proposed reservoir 8/16/05

Louisiana's Rush Limbaugh Moon Griffon

Lake-building frenzy threatens waste, corruption Jeff Sadow

Lincoln Parish lake interests growing more desperate Jeff

Court decision threatens private property in Louisiana Jeff

Washington Parish Concil Minutes on RESERVOIR

Taxpayers should look at reservoir issue 8/2/05

Washington Parish Citizens concerned by legislation 8/1/05

Ripple effect shows Sparta's future 7/31/05

Reservoir Concerns our Tax Money Jalon Beech Bond Comm.

Citizens again challenge parish council on proposed reservoir 7/29/05

Commission hears concerns on reservoir project 7/23/05

Item 62 "Cash Money" General obligation bonds  $634,205,0000 Priority 1
Item 63 "lines of credit" $325,640,000 for Priority 5
Click to Listen: 15 Minute Mp3 audio Recording Bond money for Reservoirs


Poverty Point Reservoir is a Horrow Story 7/23/05

Senator takes on property ruling McPherson's draft would limit seizures

State is spending Road money on Reservoirs & needs more taxes!
DOTD looking at funds options Higher gas taxes, tolls, fees discussed

Contact Bond Commission Meeting July 22nd Stop waste of Taxpayers money

Board: Denmon's vote allowed  La, Ethics board is a laugh!

Stand up for rights, vote for a change

PHANTOM RICHES Lev Dawson is Francis Thompson's,
business partner in MACON RIDGE DEVELOPMENT, LLC

A Vision For A Better Tomorrow What are they smoking?

Court pushes domain too far 7/9/05

Your Land Is My Land

Eminent domain ruling troubling

High Court's ruling on property leaves wake of confusion

Anarchy and tyranny have commenced

House Votes To Undercut High Court On Property

SIGN PETITION:... to OVERTURN Supreme Court decision

Supreme Court Justice land to be taken by Eminent Domain Law

Court ruling weakens rights of landowners

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

Supreme Court Expands Government's Right to Seize Homes

Hilburn: Reservoir dogs wagging the Legislature 6/20/05

Sparta Awareness Day success despite weather

Sparta vote a deep wound; salt comes later 6/19/05

Senate panel packs more into capital projects 6/17/05

To lawmakers: prayer to amend legislation 6/17/05

Lakes vs. real needs 6/15/05

Louisiana parks get $90M in assistance 6/13/05

Senate says Sparta not critical 6/09/05

Senate votes on local water issues

Jackson Parish water reservoir bill passes 6/7/05

'Critical' queries confront bill 6/5/05

Reservoirs shouldn't be top priority now 6/04/05

Cool down reservoir fever 6/04/05

Lake projects beg questions about needs 6/2/05

Following Articles by Mike Hasten, and Jordan Blum Gannett Newspaper

Thompsons cash in on lake

Critics claim state reckless in rush to build reservoirs

Mike Thompson defends new job as reservoir guru

Reservoirs: Money flows; water doesn't

Industries wary of lake building boom

Delhi still waiting for tourists

Don't waste our tax money on reservoirs 5/30/05

Bastrop: Area projects make cut in capital outlay 5/31/05

Lake proposed to quench Sparta 5/28/05

Labels won't help Sparta 5/28/05

Lake Residents oppose the use of water (Economic Development lake can’t be used for water)
Low water level worries prompt SRA to seek A.G. opinion


Power grab in name of development 5/25/05

Economic agencies questioned 5/23/05

$77,435,000 Dollars Approved for Reservoirs in 2005

Proposed Reservoir Would Force Relocation of Historical Graves

Jones concerned over HB123 5/22/05

Bill to create panels for Jackson, Lincoln reservoirs advances 5/20/05

Letter to all Legislators a Prayer to amend Legislation 5/15/05


House OKs bill for Lincoln reservoir


Flier apparently hit nerve at Capitol 5/10/05 by Lee Kelley Washington Parish

Money flows like water for New Reservoirs in 2005

Judge dismisses reservoir lawsuit 5/09/05 Bogalusa

Script: WBOX No Reservoir Broadcast 5/08/05 Update on Lawsuit by Jalon

Good & Bad News: no money included for lake work 5/06/05 Morehouse

Residents Lose in First Round of Lawsuit Against Washington Parish Reservoir District

Reservoir hearing Tuesday 5/02/05 Bogalusa

Intimidation? 4/30/05 Fliers & Sen. Nevers Washington Parish

Questions on the reservoir 4/29/05 Bogalusa

New Jackson Parish Reservoir House Bill NO. 596 by Rep. FANNIN

Listen to Moon Griffon: Large audio files may take several minutes to load
Sen. Nevers Intimidator is Intimidated, Scumbags & Reservoirs, Threats

Exclusive by Chad Rogers of
Sen. Nevers the Intimidator is Intimidated, Ben feels the Heat

Sparta's critical status gets delay 4/29/05

Sparta free-for-all finished 4/28/05

Aquifer situation needs truthful help 4/24/05

Legislation on tap to help save the Sparta 4/24/05 BOB KOSTELKA

Sheriff's proposal goes too far 4/21/05 Quachita

West Ouachita Reservoir Project will be under new management 4/19/05

Local bills to be considered 4/18/05 Bogalusa

Ritchie also files reservoir-related bill for this session 4/18/05 Bogalusa

Washington Parish Legislation Changed 4/15/05

When the dam breaks 4/14/05 Bogalusa Daily News

Sparta Aquifer needs help —not in the form of lakes 4/10/05
BILL JONES of Ruston is a former state senator from District 35.

Lake projects don't always get support 4/09/05

Lincoln reservoir opinions sought

Proposed Reservoir Legislation for 2005 (Changes & New Reservoirs)

Poverty Point Reservoir, model for 12 Reservoirs with State Owned Hotels

Gov. Blanco has appointed the Lake Comm. for West Quachita Parish. 4/03/05

Chad Rogers: The Dead Pelican Radio show talks with Jalon & Liz 4/01/05

Moon: Suspicious Lake Survey to promote Reservoirs 8:30

Permit process will provide answers 4/01/05 Morehouse Parish

Reader claims reservoir letters not published 4/01/05 Washington

Speaking Out On The Reservoir 3/28/05 Washington Parish

Jurors behind reservoir proposal Allen Parish

Idea of tax for lake work not well received 3/18/05 Morehouse Parish

Oak Grove residents debate reservoir plans 3/18/05 Washington Parish

Reservoir Commission should seek other options 3/18/05 Bogalusa

Reservoir won't be enough for commission 3/18/05 Bogalusa

Foes of proposed reservoir hope to have voice 3/16/05 Morehouse Parish

Reservoir Act a Land Grab 3/13/05 Washington Parish

The Lincoln Parish Reservoir Debate TOP NEWS STORIES
TOP COLUMNS: Mike Thompson says, “Lie to the Corp of Engineers”

The Lincoln Parish Reservoir Letters to Editor Thompson’s Reply

Lincoln Parish Police Jury supports lake study 3/09/05

Washington Parish Reservoir District sued 3/13/05 Bogalusa News

Lawmakers may draft compromise for Sparta more ignorant Politicians

Toledo Bend waits to meet its potential an Economic Development Failure

CABIN BY THE creek another Historic Log Cabin to be destroyed

Moon Griffon & Chad Rogers speak:- People losing homes over Reservoirs
Producing no Jobs, and Politicians don’t understand Economic Development

Updated New Version
Eight Lakes under development of the 12 receiving money

LPPJ will study feasibility of lake 3/9/05

Lawsuit filed against Washington Parish Reservoir District

Sad letter to Gov Blanco, 5 generations of family graves to be Desecrated

Reservoir is unnecessary 2/28/05 Bogalusa Daily News

Listen to Moon Griffon:Large audio files may take several minutes to load
Moon: Spend Billon dollars on dozen Lakes with No Economic Development

After listening to Moon: Read about one of these lakes
Economic Development Lakes failed to bring Prosperity & Jobs

Lake Providence Poorest Place In America an Economic Development lake

Reservoir questions 2/28/05 Bogalusa

Eminent domain on the docket Bogalusa Daily News Feb 24, 05

Reservoir steps still needed Washington Parish Feb 22, 05

Reservoir, plant stir excitement in Allen Parish

Morehouse Parish: State Parks people get lake progress report
MoreHoure Parish Residents Letters to Editor

Listen to Moon Griffon talk about Reservoirs
Large audio files may take several minutes to load

Moon threatened stop talking about Lakes & Reservoirs

2/18/05 Moon talks about RESERVOIR RAGE & NASTY THREATS

Moon, Oak Grove says, No Sen. Nevers No Reservoir 2/9/05

Moon, “La. the Lake State 1 in every parish” 2/8/05

Moon, “La. half under water, and Indictment” 2/8/05

Moon says,"People upset Go Read about Lake Corruption"

Oak Grove Residents Speak on Reservoir

A Reservoir named Moon & Baked Coon

Moon Griffon and Washington Parish Residents (May take several minutes to load)

Listen to Moon Griffon talk About the Reservoir (May take several minutes to load)

Reader sympathizes with those in reservoir community 2/16/05

Lincoln reps to propose lake 2/8/05

Reservoir group meets Ruston Leader

Plenty of study still needed on reservoir 2/7/05

Reservoir study yet to be begin Bogalusa Daily News 1/30/05

NEWS 1/28/05 Gov. Blanco Appoints Comm. for Morehouse Parish

Morehouse Parish Reservoir

Michael Thompson & Cronies Political contributions for Delhi, La

Terry Denmon Vice Chairman of La Wildlife & Fisheries Laughs at Ethics Board

Abusing right of eminent domain By The Hammond Daily Star

Who really benefits from Washington Parish fresh water lake?

Keyed Gate entry Access Poverty Point Reservoir

Oak Grove Community site 2 (3310 acre) map

Pushepatappa Group site 3 Thank You

News 1-10-05
Sierra Club will fight reservoir

News 1-07-05
Reservoir Site Named

Sierra Club Press Release 1/7/05

Story by Channel 4 New Orleans, La.
Proposed reservoir would displace Washington Parish history, homes

Katc TV 3 Lafayette, La. Resevoir to displace Washington Parish famillies

Map of Site 2

News 1-05-05
The site selected for the Washington Parish Reservoir is
Site 2 the Oak Groove Community.
Site two is located south of La. Highway 10 between Franklinton and Bogalusa, Extending north to touch the south side of Sheridan.

Terry Denmon recommended site 2, saying, "site 3 the scenic stream is a problem as it requires 2/3 vote of the legislature for approval.”
Why is he wasting Money testing scenic streams?
Mr. Denmon’s conflict of interest as
Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries is
destroying Wildlife, and scenic streams, he is supposed to protect.

News 1-04-05
Reservoir Report Tomorrow

The Lake Commission announced, "Residents attending may not speak as deadline for comments was extended, but we haven't received any,
and only Scientific Expert facts will be considered".
Residents sent registered letters that was refused up to 9 times.
The Comm. refused to meet with residents, saying,
"We will not be ruled by emotion, and are praying for divine guidance".
It seems these wealthy developers pray to a green god whose name is money.

The site selection shall take place at the Washington Economic Development Foundation, and their Website says Washington parish has an Abundant water supply.

News 1-03-05
The Bogalusa Daily News: Reservoir debate, ambulance wars topped 

Audit of Washington Parish Reservoir Commission ending in 2004  

News 12-28-04 The Bogalusa Daily News: Reservoir Decision Near

The Lake Commission will meet at the Tourism building.
La. tourism already had a Website promoting
Washington Parish Reservoir Retirement Communities.

Quachita, Lincoln, Caldwell, and Richland Monroe Newsstar List
A brief description, a list of Articles about Poverty Point, and other lakes.
A history that Shows, date filled with water, when opened, update about Caldwell Parish, etc

Poverty Point Reservoir a Failure News 12-10-04

Residents oppose Expropriation 12/08/04

Benefits of a reservoir 12/06/04

Not all support plans for reservoir 12/06/04

Lakes don’t work for both Water, and Economic Development
La-Texas SRA boards discuss views on Toledo Bend levels 12-03-04

News 11-26-04

Information on Morehouse Parish Reservoir
Morehouse Parish Reservoir

Mike Thompson Ethics

In The Bogalusa News: does Poverty Point have a Pipeline to Arkansas?
Mike Thompson’s says they have 2 pumps available toimport water
from Lake Chicot at Lake Village Arkansas, 60 miles away.
Poverty Point Concerns and Mike Thompson said

News 11-23-04 Latest News Article on Allen Parish Reservoir
Lake could be big economic boon to parish

Washington Parish: Bogalusa Daily News series of Articles
Looking at Poverty Point

Nevers speaks on reservoir says: Will change legislation because of
Francis ThompsonHouse Bill 1136 in 2001

Commission will hear findings

The road to a reservoir

Educating our readers about reservoir concerns

Water Act regulates reservoirs

Reservoir Possibilities

La home of Gov. Edwards, in Huey P. Long’s
(the Kingfish)hometown, and proud of
ranking 2nd in political corruption the

Political Hall of Shame   welcomes Thompson

House Bill 1136 in 2001

Sell land taken by Eminent Domain to a 3rd Party

Thompsons cash in on lake

Critics claim state reckless in rush to build reservoirs

Mike Thompson defends new job as reservoir guru

Reservoirs: Money flows; water doesn't

Taxpayers paid $40 million to build Poverty Point Lake

Taxpayers paid 1.2 million in 2002 for development of island lots transferred to Rep. Francis Thompson’s next door neighbor for $621,200 dollars.

Settlers Point lots for sale literature 6 Pages

Covenants & Restrictions, Flood Servitude, Easements, & Survey Descriptions 18 pages

Settlers Point sales website

Oak Grove Resident's Plea for Help

Download C.P.A.Logo

Delhi still waiting for tourists

Legislator Contact Information

Updated New Version
Eight Lakes under development of
12 receiving money

U.S.G.S. Water use Report