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Morehouse Parish Lake Commission


Initial mem shall be composed of existing mem of Morehouse Parish Lake Comm. who are mem as of 9/15/03 and shall serve staggered terms as follows - four mem for six yrs.; three mem for three yrs.; three mem for one yr.; After initial terms, mem shall be electors of the state and reside in Morehouse Par. who shall be appt by the Gov.; three mem from a list submitted by police jury of Morehouse for six yrs; two mem from a list submitted by parish legislative delegation for six yrs.; two mem from a list submitted by bd of aldermen of city of Bastrop, with one being a resident of Bastrop, for six yrs; three mem appt. by Gov. for six yrs.

(created by R.S. 38:3087.192)

Morehouse Parish Lake Commission:

Press Release for MoreHouse Reservoir Commission


Michael Lytle, Bonita;


Frank Messinger III, Bastrop;


John Stringer, Monroe;


Richard Patrick, Bastrop;


Alex Rankin, Bastrop;


Mike Wooden, Bastrop;


Billy Rabon, Bastrop;


Julian Venoy Kinnard, Bastrop;


Ivory Smith, Bastrop;


Leo Nelson, Bastrop.