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           Money flows like water for new Reservoirs



In a legislative session plagued with budget problems, and talk of raising taxes,

money continues to flow like water for new Reservoirs.


The 2005 Capital outlay Legislation shows $45,590,000 for new Reservoirs,

and $22,245,000 for improvements with a $67,835,000 total for lakes in 2005.

Proposed Lincoln and Jackson Reservoirs shall add to this budget. There were

8 new Reservoirs under construction of 12 approved for $41,975,000 in 2004.


Investigation into the Reservoirs revealed Political Wrongdoing.

Rep. Francis C. Thompson, and his brother involved in real estate seem to be

promoting Reservoirs statewide as land speculation, and Economic Development.


Thompson passed Act 523 in 2001 making it possible to sell land taken by

Eminent Domain to a Third Party. Taxpayers paid 1.2 million dollars in 2002

to develop the island lots at Poverty Point Reservoir transferred to Thompson's

next-door neighbor for $621,200 dollars, who is now selling lakefront-lots.



D.O.T.D records show Poverty Point Reservoir has received $39,325,000.00

with an additional $3,500,000 approved in 2005.


Mike Thompson promoter and consultant for Allen, Washington, Morehouse,

and Caldwell Parishes at $100,000 a year salary for each can now add Reservoirs

in Ouachita, Lincoln, Jackson, and Claiborne Parishes.


Thompson’s former business partner, Terry Denmon shall receive $800,000

for site selection report. Denmon, Vice Chairman Wildlife and Fisheries

controls the Scenic Streams, Wildlife, and maybe a conflict of interest.


Washington Parish Reservoir promoted by the Thompsons with Sen. Ben Nevers

Legislation will take homes of the old and poor, and desecrate 5 cemeteries.

Sen. Nevers is also in business with Reservoir Commission members.


Abuse of Eminent Domain, Unchristian taking of Homes, and

Desecration of Cemeteries is a travesty.

No study done, and Lake Providence poorest place in America is an

example that Lakes don’t provide jobs or Economic Development.


Reservoir information:


Please help strengthen Ethics Laws, and stop the waste of

Taxpayers Money for foolish Economic Development Reservoirs.


Money Updated: 5/30/05