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Claiborne Parish Reservoir

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These folks smoking something, and it's not tobacco!
Everyone is leaving Louisiana because of no jobs!

A Vision For A Better Tomorrow
Vision For Parish Includes Lakes, Recreation, Tourists, Retires.

"Retirees are the cleanest industry we can attract," according to Dr. Nelson Philpot."
With outward migration, and continuing decline in Population,
With tourism and retirement as basic industries we wish to attract them as permanent residents.
Each retired couple is equivalent to securing three new factory jobs.

  We have the potential to construct as many as 10 additional lakes to impound water runoff from approximately two thirds of the watershed area in the parish.   Develop and implement a strategy for impounding more of our abundant water resources by constructing dams on several of the tributary streams that flow out of the parish.   Construct a modern, 18-hole golf course on property adjacent to any new lake that may be constructed in the parish.

What have they been smoking? 

Vision: Abridged Version Pdf  Vision plan


Population projections for Claiborne Parish indicate a continuing decline through the year 2025.
To reverse this trend we must implement a bold and innovative plan, but we must also recognize that not all economic development revolves around industrial parks. Thus, the further development of tourism and retirement as basic industries in our parish has immense potential for improving our economic vitality in the future.
Tourism is the world’s fastest growing industry and has become a major part of economic development. In addition to benefiting from travelers to our area, we have the opportunity to attract them as permanent residents when they retire because it is well established that the top tourism areas are also the top retirement areas. This relationship leads to the obvious conclusion that a special effort should be made to grow these two industries together.

By the year 2020 the retirement age component of America’s population will have increased to approximately 80 million persons, or more than 25% of the nation’s population. Each retired couple will bring an estimated $54,200 of annual income to the area in which they reside. Through the economic multiplier process, that income will generate $81,000 in income for the area in which they locate, which is equivalent to securing three new factory jobs.

What are they smoking?   What a vision, OK, now wake up, and smell the coffee!

The Power Point presentation used in "Vision for a Better Tomorrow

Sen. Mary Landrieu Supports Lakes Initiative 7/01/04

Landrieu commended local leaders for their work on economic development plans to build lakes and reservoirs to protect the Sparta Aquifer and attract retirees. Besides the financial benefit, she said retirees have a lot of talent and energy. She encouraged the parish to continue to develop the things that attract retirees such as the arts, music, eco-tourism, fishing, etc. Landrieu recently helped provide $1 million toward the development of the Poverty Point reservoir. She understands what a good development project can do for an area and is willing to help find funds to get started.

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