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Publication: American Press
Publication Date: 11/07/2001
Page and Section: 6 B

Allen Police Jury supports reservoir    BY JEREMY HARPER   AMERICAN PRESS

OBERLIN -- Allen Parish police jurors pledged their initial support for the development of a parish reservoir at Monday's Police Jury meeting.

Mike Thompson, former mayor of Delhi, presented information on the project. He was involved in the construction of Poverty Point Reservoir in northeast Louisiana.

Phil Beard, mayor of Oberlin and lake project committee chairman, invited Thompson to speak after he visited Poverty Point.

Beard said the parish's water supply problems would be eliminated by the construction of a reservoir similar to Poverty Point Lake. He also said the parish would experience a significant economic boost.

The Poverty Point Reservoir cost $20 million and generates $8 million a year, Thompson said.

"It's money well-spent," he said.

The Allen Parish project is only in the early stages and will take more planning and research before it is approved by the state.

"It takes a lot of citizen support and legislative action," Beard said.

The Poverty Point project, which began in 1995 and was funded almost entirely with state money, was completed last year.

Beard urged the panel to hire Thompson as a consultant because of his experience with a similar project.

"He is an expert in the field, and he really knows what he's doing," Beard said.

The panel pledged to provide a formal commitment at its next meeting.