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Washington Parish Reservoir

Community Preservation Alliance

† If you own a home in Washington Parish you could be at risk of losing your house and land.
Our elected officials are trying to create reservoirs all through out Louisiana; one of the areas that have been chosen is Washington Parish.†
A reservoir commission has been appointed by the governor to develop the wealth and natural resources in Washington Parish.

The commission has refused to meet with the concerned citizens of Washington Parish.
They said we donít deal with emotions, they deal with facts. How can you not include emotions when you stand the possibility of losing everything
you own.

For more information call
Hayward Boone -735-7660
Cheri Libert 986-2686
Dianna Schewgman-732-2107

The commission said they are allowing God to lead them,
they are praying for divine guidance and blessings.
Does the commission not remember the fact that Jesus wept.
Jesus dealt with emotions, but they donít want to deal with emotions.

1. The reservoir commission said ď they have from the very inception of this endeavor have prayed†††† for divine guidance and blessings, in accordance with the Lordís will, for the people of our parish.Ē
The people of the parish have also been praying for the Lordís will to be done.
No one but the Lord knows what his will is.

2. The reservoir commission is right in the fact that they are appointed and not elected and they are
not paid, but they were nominated by elected officials.†Whether you are elected are not you have a
duty to address the concerns of your citizens, which the commission refuses to do.
We have made repeated attempts to get a meeting with them to address our concerns.
They said they donít answer to us, they only answer to the governor.††

3. So people are saying just sit back and wait to see what happens. If you sit back and wait it will
be too late. Once a site is chosen and permitted there is nothing that can be done.

4. The reservoir commission and our elected officials say a reservoir is for the future of our generation and Washington Parish. How is it for the good of our upcoming generation when families will have to move off to find land for sale and house to live in.

5. †Mr. Pierce said they only deal with facts. The citizens of Washington Parish are dealing with facts.
Go to the Louisiana Legislature web site and go to the 2003 regular session and pull up House Bill
216 or Act 71. It will tell you all the duties and rights of the reservoir commission.† According to our
Parish President this commission group is the most powerful group in Washington Parish.
For example they have the power to levee taxes and issue bonds. They have the right through
eminent domain to take your land with just compensation for the good of the public.

6. A lot of people donít think the governor can take your land for a reservoir. If you donít think this
is true call a lawyer and ask them. The citizens of site 3 had Maurice Legaudre, a lawyer out of
Covington present at one of there meetings. Mr. Maurice informed us that after the site is chosen the
commission can deposit the amount of the money they see as just compensation and give you 30 to
60 days to get out of your home. †You can also look up bills on eminent domain and quick take at†

7. The citizens of site 3 would like to ask MR. NEVERS if his new bill 379 that was in the regular session for 2004 applies to the reservoir commission?† Why would you not want public commissions audit, do they have something to hide?

Members of site 3 would like to thank DARLIN FORD for the pictures.

Our sons and daughters are waging battles to protect us from Oppressive Governments,
while here at home, we are engaged in a battle with our Own, and those armed with the
power of Expropriation. Expropriation means to take without asking.

In this materialist age, there are those whose wants are more important †than our needs.
Our Schools and Charity Hospitals are closing due to a lack of money,
as the wants of some are placed at the top of the list above our needs.
Louisiana is losing thousands of acres of land a day due to water, and Coastal Erosion.
There are Eight Lakes under development that will flood hundreds of thousands of acres
of good land.

According to Mike Thompson, administrative consultant for the project said

The Scenic Rivers designations for the two streams create an obstacle to be overcome.
(From town talk newspaper)

While he understands the concerns of residents who
would be affected by a reservoir on either of the scenic streams,
he said any site chosen will present problems.
(From town talk newspaper)
Up a Creek Under a Lake

Why go through all the trouble
of trying to protect our precious lakes, streams, and creeks with laws when others to have big eyes and big pockets can easily remove them off from the protection list and use them for their needs.