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Reservoir Legislation


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Legislation has been proposed creating another Reservoir, bringing the count of

Reservoirs under development receiving tax money to 13.

Also, a Senate bill has been filed that will modify existing Reservoir Legislation.


Rep. Hollis Downs, and Rep. Rick Gallot has proposed HOUSE BILL NO. 123

creating the Lincoln Parish Reservoir in the upcoming 2005 session.


Michael L. Thompson, former Mayor of Delhi the traveling Reservoir Salesman has

been promoting this Lake in Lincoln Parish for his usual $100,000 a year consulting fee.


Thompson is the brother of Rep. Francis C. Thompsonís, who is famous for creating

House Bill 1136 in 2001 making it possible to sell land taken by Eminent Domain at

Reservoirs. He has authored Legislation creating many lakes in La.

Thompsonís next-door neighbor is selling these Lakefront lots purchased at half price.


Other Legislation proposed is SENATE BILL NO. 47 by Senator Barham concerning

Morehouse Reservoir that was created by SEN. BILL NO 829 ACT 233 in 2003 by

Rep. Francis C. Thompson, Sen. Robert J. Barham, and Rep. Charles Mcdonald.


The Morehouse legislation will counter Thompsonís legislation, and allow property

taken by Eminent Domain to be sold back to the original owner if not used.

However, Rep. Downs, and Gallot seem to be ignorant of Thompsonís Legislation, and

it seems their Legislation require the Reservoir Commission to make a profit.


Sen. Ben Nevers author of Washington Parish Reservoir has failed to live up to what

he said about filing a Bill to change his Legislation concerning Eminent Domain.


Sen. Nevers will Desecrate 5 cemeteries, and take the homes of many poor, and

elderly Oak Groove Residents. Sen. Nevers is also in business with Commission member

Charles E. Mizell. Due to Nepotism, Cronyism, and Commission members appointed as a

means of political payback many Politicians seem to be interested in their own Economic

Development. Will Sen. Nevers, and his lake Commission also be selling Lakefront lots?


Thompson is consultant for Allen, Washington, Caldwell, Morehouse, and upcoming

Reservoirs in Lincoln, and Quachita Parishes at $100,000 a year consulting fee each.

Will Thompson by any means possible tell a fish tale to the Corps of Engineers as

the Ruston Daily Leader says? It seems that a Reservoir for Economic Development is

more important than a current proposal to save the Sparta Aquifer.


Lake Providence Poorest Place In America is an example that Lakes provide no jobs,

or Economic Development.