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In Lincoln Parish - a lake is being proposed forEconomic Development.
Louisiana is losing thousands of acres a day due to water coastal erosion.
The Eight Lakes currently under development will flood hundreds of
thousands of acres, and many Residents will lose homes and property.

Elected representatives and local officials are considering a traveling Salesman
promoting Economic Development Lakes for $100,000 a year consulting fee.

The Salesman is Rep. Francis C. Thompsonís brother Michael L. Thompson
former Mayor of Delhi, real estate, former partner of Bayou Cajun Foods with
Terry D. Denmon, and also governmental consultant.

Poverty Point created in 1992 by Rep. Francis Thompson, built by Denmon
with Michael Thompson as Director is promoted as a model lake producing
100 million gallons water a month, and costing 26 Million Dollars.

D.O.T.D. well files show Poverty Point uses 4 large-bore 16-inch Groundwater
Wells of the Mississippi Alluvial aquifer to supply water to the lake.
The Capital outlay from 1997-2004 total is over 100 Million Dollars.

The misuse of Eminent Domain, taking of homes for recreation and Golf Courses
is placing an undue hardship on some for the pleasure and gain of others.

Rep. Francis Thompson maybe involved in Residential Real Estate.
Thompson passed House Bill 1136 in 2001 to make it possible to sell land taken
by Eminent Domain to a Third Party without offering it back to the original owner.

Taxpayers paid 1.2 million dollars to develop the island lots at Poverty Point that
was sold to Thompson's next-door neighbor for $621,200 dollars.
Thompson is also involved with CYPRESS COVE AT POVERTY POINT, L.L.C.

Denmon Engineering may always be the selected contractor due to
HCR60 proposed by Francis Thompson in 2003.
Denmon serving on the Wildlife and Fisheries Board maybe a conflict of interest
since they control the Scenic Streams and Wildlife, also Mike Thompsonís
position on Commerce & Industry Board is questionable. Nepotism, Cronyism,
conflicts of interest , and possible violation of the code of ethics seem to exist.

The large amounts of money available for Economic Development,
hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Lake, may be leading to wrongdoing.
Some officials maybe interested in their own Economic Development.

If a Lake is built or not Denmon shall receive about $800,000 to apply for the permit,
and Michael Thompson shall receive money for the duration of the project.